Welcome to best dot bestII dot org aka llama.sf.ca.us!

This host WAS a Apple box, one of the new Intel Mac Minis (single CPU running at 1.5Ghz). Before that it was a ho-hum PII running at 350Mhz (sweet ASUS motherboard allows me to play at overclocking, but I don't really have time these days) The K5/K6 have both been retired as the motherboard in the first box suffered from some flakiness, as I would hve to keep the machine off 10-15 minutes, otherwise it would panic mounting /), and the second box took a hit when we had flooding in our garage...don't ask, just regulate water flow at the SPIGOT not at the spray handle!

Update (March 2014): It's back on FreeBSD running 9.2-RELEASE-p3, on an old work HP Compaq tower my last company was fine with me taking off of their hands when I left.

This site is hosted off of my colo box, though "bestii.org" is still served from home.

The best in the name is for Best Internet Communications whom I worked for. They were subsequently purchased by Hiway Technologies which was then sold to Verio. Dog eat dog in the isp industry, and Verio is a mangy mutt with fleas. I went to Critical Path and Supernews , doing networking stuff. I left in mid-2003, and then in later 2004 went to Shopping.com, which got bought by eBay. As you can see, I've been around a litle bit.

Nothing else here for now, unless you know the secret code. Go here for the main site, at some point I'll figure out the HTML META tag to automatically redirect users hitting this page. Then again, maybe not, as I'm informed that practice is lame.

Okay, you can check out one of my friends web site. Some good stuff there, if you can find it.

I subscribe to the following credo on why making a web page sux.

Alternatively, check out some family photographs:

  1. 1997 Xmas in Canada -- Photo Scans
  2. 1998 pix roll one -- Photo Scans
  3. 1998 pix roll two -- Photo Scans
  4. 2000 at home--Panasonic PV-DV910 vidcaps
  5. A few pics of my parent's Bahamas cruise -- Photo Scans
  6. Millbrae Nursery School 2000 -- Alex's Class
  7. Millbrae Nursery School 2000 -- Samir's Class
  8. 2001 at home--Panasonic PV-DV910 vidcaps
  9. early 2001, though the newborn Michael (RIP) pics were taken 11-18-2000 -- Photo Scans